Tuesday, June 1, 2010


this is my 2nd post, I think it's high time I introduce something that has recently become a very prominent and important part of my life. It's provided entertainment and a sense of joy and contentment for those long, dark summer days when I have nowhere left to turn.
Now that I've successfully gained your interest and put you into suspense wondering what this wonderful, delightful thing could be, I will now tell you:
"Robot Unicorn?!?" you're probably thinking.
"Sounds so enlightening!"
Well my friend, it is.
Not only is there a killer background song (Always by Erasure), there are the most beautiful graphics. Who doesn't enjoy rainbows, unicorns, glittering stars, and cute little sparkling dolphins that gleefully sing and jump around occasionally with you? Only someone who is the absolute WORST wouldn't find some sort of enjoyment in the scene I've just described.
"Well how in the world do I play this game Fraser?" I'm sure you're asking.
And luckily for you, I have the answer.
It's quite simple really. It only involves using two keys (Z and X) which happen to conveniently be located right next to one another.
The point of the game is simple. There aren't levels or ways of beating the game, it's simply a competition with yourself for a high score (or if you have some competitors aka friends who also enjoy playing the game, it can be fun to compete with them for high scoring).
With each attempt at a high score, you, the unicorn, are given 3 wishes. These wishes could also be referred to as they are in other games as "lives."

Now that I'm sure you're dying to get your hands on this wonderful game I will present you with the link where your own adventures as a unicorn in this fantasy land can begin.

Before your adventure begins I will unselfishly give you a few tips:
1) try and get every miniature flying unicorn or fairy or whatever it is and every giant star because the more in a wrote you get, the higher their point worth becomes. (For example, the first time you dash at a giant star it is worth 100 points, the second one you dash consecutively is worth 200 points. If you miss the next one your point value restarts and the next one you dash is only worth 100 points again.)
2) the longer you go the faster the unicorn runs so it gets a little crazy when you're dashing at things at high speeds
3) DON'T run into the cliffs or you will lose a wish.

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