Monday, June 14, 2010


All I want to know is why nobody has ever made me watch Pearl Harbor before. Saturday night, for the first time, I watched it after making caramel apples with my dear friend Ruthie. Yeah, you're right we really need to get our act together and stop being so wild. Here's the thing, I always felt a little bad for you know, America bombing Japan and all that, but I really don't feel that terrible about it now. In fact, it made want to go bomb those S.O.B.s myself and I'm not even down with the whole war thing at all. I'm just saying, if you ever had any doubts about America's retaliation after Pearl Harbor, you should definitely watch the movie.
Speaking of America.... USA vs. England on Saturday was spectacular. Just want to say I kind of feel a little bad for Robert Green. Had to be the most embarrassing or at least make the top 10 of embarrassing sports plays in the history of probably ever. Sorry dude, but you win some you lose some. Or you tie some you win some or lose some. Whatever, I'd rather have a tie then a loss.
I also found myself pulling for Ghana in the Ghana vs. Serbia game. So happy for Ghana aka the first team from Africa to win in World Cup history. YEAH TAKE THAT SERBIA. It really was a touching moment.
Well guys, it's about that time of year. And by time of year I mean time of year for the Speaks Family to go to the beach. And I don't mean just myself, bro, sis, mom, and dad, I mean the ENTIRE crew. I'll give a quick run down of the guest list complete with numbers:
1. Grandparents- Nana and PopPop (2)
2. My family- Me, Tripp, Maggie, Amy, and Robbie (5)
3. Speaks Clan Numero dos- Chris, Jan, Ansley, Drew, and the Twins (6)
4. Speaks Clan Numero tres- Michael, Kristi, Claire, and Wyatt (4)
5. Speaks Clan Numero cuatro- Stephen, Rebecca, Katherine, Connor, and Paul (5)
6. Speaks Clan Numero cinco- Stacey, Walter, Leila, Lizzie, Mac (5)
Making a grand total of... 27 freaking people.
Like, I'm pretty sure people think it's some church's annual daycare field trip to the beach. It's actually sort of embarrassing. Thankfully, everyone understands my issues with children so I don't have to play the role of nanny at any point. Thanks for understanding 26 other Speaks Club members. You guys are the best. It's sort of like you have to mentally prepare yourself to be around that many people for a whole week. I almost feel like I need another vacation to get over this week. Because I do so much anyways to need a vacation, but that's beside the point.
Basically, I'm asking for you to keep me in your prayers or thoughts or whatever you'd like for the next week. Knowing I have your support during this trying time means a lot.
See ya next Monday.

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