Wednesday, June 9, 2010

worst noise

At this very moment I find myself sitting in my den (a common area in my home where all essential items are located such as the computer and television) with my headphones in, my music turned up as loud as it will go to drown out my father's snoring. Don't worry though, I can still hear him loud and clear over the music. I don't know about you but I find snoring to be one of the most obnoxious sounds in the world. It's one of those noises where I feel my entire body tense up and my brain almost screams "GET ME AWAY FROM THIS NOISE!" everytime I heart it. I very much wish I could attach an audio clip of the noise emerging from my father. But does he realize the intense pain he is causing me? Of course not.
A few moments ago I was all like "Dad!!! You're snoring SO loud!!" And he was all like "Well I'm sorry but it's because we have cats and your mom almost burnt the house down today and that smell is really getting to me and I have no where else to go because your mother kicks me out of the bed because of my snoring and the smell of the burnt house is really strong on the couch upstairs because of all the fabric." Then he is all like snoring again.
I guess he does have a valid excuse with the close call of having an ash house instead of a brick house. I should probably fill that part of the story in.
Anyways the story begins when my mom arrives home from the beach today and goes to make sweet tea. To do this she must boil some tea bags in water on the stove. So she puts the tea bags and water on the stove then we leave to go to Quizno's for dinner and from Quizno's her and my sister leave for volleyball practice in Columbia while my dad, brother, and I head over to my grandparents. Well lucky for us my grandparents happen to be absent (not really sure where they are all the time because seriously the past couple of times I've tried to visit they've been absent). We proceed back to my house and open the door to find a very smoky house. My dad rushes up the stairs to see that the pot of boiling water/tea bags my mom has left is on fire. Now my house smells like a mixture of a burnt tea and a burnt tree house. And I'm accused of being irresponsible. WHO'S POINTING FINGERS NOW?
So here I am, friendless, on a Wednesday night sitting in a wonderfully scented house listening to the beautiful sounds of my dad snoring.
Good news though, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows now has a trailer released.

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