Monday, May 31, 2010

trying new things

I'm trying out this whole "blogging" thing. Couldn't think of a clever "title" for my blog so I just went with my name. The whole pun on my last name since my last name is "Speaks," so it's like... Fraser speaks... and then what I'm speaking. Might be lame, but I didn't feel like putting too much effort in it. Anyways...
Interestingly enough I'm home for the summer. Actually, that's not interesting at all. Didn't realize this while I lived here you know, my entire life but Camden might possibly the most boring town for someone who comes home from college during the summers to live. If not THE most boring town, has to be in at least... I don't know... like the top 10 in America.

My days go as follows now:
11 am-12:30 pm: I awake
12:30-2ish pm: I mosey around the house alternating between the TV and the computer deciding whether I should shower or not and deciding which of my 2 friends to text to see what they're doing the remainder of the day.
2ish-9pm: possibly shower, sit some more at the computer, watch Law and Order (SVU is my favorite), probably convince my parents to take me somewhere for dinner, and repeat items 2 and 3 maybe 1 on the 2ish-9pm list.
9pm-3 am: this is the fun part because since I've done absolutely nothing during the day, I have used up no energy therefore I'm wired at the hours I should probably be drifting on off to sleep.
(oh forgot to mention Photo Booth. I'll post a few examples below, including narration. It's a pretty good source of entertainment as long as you have friends with you. Otherwise, you're just sitting there taking picture of yourself. Not that there's anything wrong with that but... it just doesn't create the best image.)
This photo was taken with my brother, sister, and their friend. Notice how I said their friend. Not my friend in the picture. I lowered my standards in people I hang out with on the weekends because frankly, I don't really have much of a choice other than 15 and 16 year olds.
This picture is of what Callie and referred to as the "Robbie Sandwich." If you look closely enough you can see a man sitting between our hands. This man is Robbie and also my father.
I'm choosing not to narrate this photo because I really don't have an explanation behind it.

I just feel like this photo is an accurate image of Callie (on the left) and myself (on the right).

And last, but certainly not least I have an image of someone who takes a picture of themselves. Not sure what the motive is behind this. Narcissism? Self-esteem booster? Whatever the motive, this should be a warning to all those who not only take pictures of themselves via Photo Booth, but also leave them up so that any person using the computer is fair game to view them:

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  1. love fra, absolutely love!! i cant wait to hear about your on going summer saga.